Azure Tools & References


Management & Monitoring Tools

  • Azure CLI (by Microsoft) – provides a set of open source, cross-platform commands for working with the Azure Platform. The Azure CLI provides much of the same functionality found in the Azure Management Portal, such as the ability to manage websites, virtual machines, mobile services, SQL Database and other services provided by the Azure platform.
  • Azure Management (by Microsoft) – the current version of Microsoft Azure management portal.
  • Azure Portal (by Microsoft) – the next version of Microsoft Azure management portal.
  • Azure Management Studio (by cerebrata) – one tool to manage your Microsoft Azure cloud storage, diagnostics data and application workflows
  • Azure Management PowerShell Cmdlets (by cerebrata) – cmdlets that streamline your Microsoft Azure workflow with PowerShell
  • Azure PowerShell (by Microsoft) –  Azure PowerShell is a module that provides cmdlets to manage Azure through Windows PowerShell. You can use the cmdlets to create, test, deploy, and manage solutions and services delivered through the Azure platform.
  • Azure Resource Explorer – Azure Resource Explorer is a web site where you can easily discover the Azure Resource Management APIs, get API documentation, and make actual API calls directly in your own subscriptions (read more).
  • Azure Script Center
  • Bitnami Cloud Tools for Microsoft Azure – Bitnami Cloud Tools will help you manage and monitor your Azure cloud deployments.
  • cloudmonix – Monitor, auto-scale and automate Cloud Services, VMs, SQL Databases, Web Apps, Automation, Storage, Service Bus, Virtual Networks and more
  • New Relic for Azure – New Relic is now integrated into Microsoft Azure, giving you instant visibility into web and mobile apps, and see insights.

Pricing Tools

Migration Tools

  • Azure Websites Migration Assistant (by Microsoft) – analyzes your on-premises IIS installation and identifies which sites can be migrated to the cloud, highlighting any elements which cannot be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.
  • SQL Database Migration Wizard (SQLAzureMW) – SQL Database Migration Wizard (SQLAzureMW) is designed to help you migrate your SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 databases to Azure SQL Database.
  • Virtual Machine Optimization Assessment Tool (by Microsoft) – automatically inspects SQL Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint deployments on-premises or in Azure, and provides a detailed set of prioritized recommendations and step-by-step instructions for improvement.
  • Virtual Machine Readiness Assessment Tool (by Microsoft) – automatically inspects your on-premises environment, whether it is physical or virtualized, and provides you with a check list and detailed report on steps you need to take to move your environment to the cloud.

Backup Tools

  • CloudBerry Backup for Microsoft Azure – CloudBerry Backup for Microsoft Azure is a Windows program that automates encrypted and compressed data cloud backup. It comes with a user-friendly interface data backup or restoration in a few simple steps.
  • CloudBerry Managed Backup for Microsoft Azure – CloudBerry Managed Backup Service is designed for Managed Service Providers and Resellers. It allows MSPs, VARs and IT service companies to offer their clients fully branded and remotely managed cloud backup solutions powered by CloudBerry Backup software and Azure secure cloud storage.
  • Enzo Cloud Backup – Use Enzo Cloud Backup to backup SQL Database, Azure Tables, Azure Blobs and run database scripts on a schedule. You can use the built-in scheduler to backup your data too. Enzo Cloud Backup offers many advanced features, including encryption, scheduling, and support for RA-GEO storage accounts. The product comes with a free .NET API as well.
  • Red Gate Cloud Services (by cerebrata) – scheduled backups for all of your Azure data (Azure table and blob storage, Azure SQL Databases, etc)

Development Tools

Storage Tools

  • AzCopy – a command-line utility designed for high-performance uploading, downloading, and copying data to and from Microsoft Azure Blob, File, and Table storage.
  • Azure CLI commands: azure storage
  • Azure Explorer (by cerebrata) – a free Microsoft Azure storage tool that lets you quickly browse and manipulate your Microsoft Azure blobs with ease.
  • Azure PowerShell / Azure Storage Cmdlets  – The Azure Storage cmdlets in the Azure module enable you to manage Microsoft Azure Storage services in Windows PowerShell.
  • Azure Storage Explorer – a useful GUI tool for inspecting the data in your Azure cloud storage projects including the logs of your cloud-hosted applications.
  • Azure Storage Metrics – provides a convenient way to access and visualize Microsoft Azure Storage Analytics data. The graphs provide rich data insights into your blob, table, and queue traffic.
  • CloudBerry Box for Microsoft Azure – CloudBerry Box provides bi-directional synchronization of data across remote computers. Synchronization between end-points is performed through your Microsoft Azure cloud storage account.
  • CloudBerry Drive for Microsoft Azure – CloudBerry Drive for Microsoft Azure is an application that allows users map Azure Blob storage account as a local disk. CloudBerry Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration process that seamlessly integrates cloud storage as a virtual disk within the Windows environment.
  • CloudBerry Explorer for Microsoft Azure – CloudBerry Explorer for Microsoft Azure is a freeware file manager for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. It provides a user interface to Azure accounts, files and containers allowing you to browse, create and delete files and containers.
  • Microsoft Azure Speed Test – calculates the blob storage latency from your location and tells you which datacenter is best for your deployments.
  • – Zudio gives you full control of your Blobs, Tables and Queues.Upload files or import them from the web; create, edit or delete table data; copy and paste data between storage accounts or subscriptions; manage permissions, metadata and more. Complete control, all from your browser.

Website Tools

  • Azure CLI commands: azure site
  • Azure Websites Migration Assistant (by Microsoft) – analyzes your on-premises IIS installation and identifies which sites can be migrated to the cloud, highlighting any elements which cannot be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.
  • Kudu – Kudu is the engine behind git/hg deployments, WebJobs, and various other features in Azure Web Sites. It can also run outside of Azure.  To access kudu for your website [abc], http://[abc]

Database Tools

VM Tools

Media Services Tools

  • Azure Media Services Explorer – Azure Media Services Explorer is a tool for Windows that does upload, download, process, encode, package, and stream assets and live channels with Azure Media Services. Source code is also provided.

Service Bus Tools

  • Service Bus Explorer – The Service Bus Explorer allows users to connect to a Service Bus namespace and administer messaging entities in an easy manner. The tool provides advanced features like import/export functionality or the ability to test messaging entities and relay services.